Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Time and A Place

I'm a BIG fan of courtesy waves... I give them constantly on the road, even if technically all I did was change lanes and there was plenty of room so it's not like the person behind me had to make room for me to slide in. I'm just a happy driver, what can I say?

Then there's everyone else... I am a super courteous driver (much to the dismay to anyone behind me) and tend to let everyone in (unless it's some jerk who is driving up the shoulder to get ahead of the traffic a bit before they have to cut in- I let them sit). It drives me nuts when there's a TON of rush hour traffic, and I'm nice enough to let some person jump into traffic from a side road, and they give me nothing. I get courtesy waves so rarely that I get truly excited when I get one. Sometimes I'll get one with my brother in the car, and we'll both be like, "Hey! Courtesy wave! Awesome!" How sad is that?

So yesterday I'm driving home from work and traffic is pretty bad. I noticed a guy trying to pull out of the Hardee's parking lot but not finding space in the wall of traffic. So, being me, I let him squeeze in. Now, I can see that in his left hand he's got food (a chicken sandwich or a burger or whatever) and his right hand is on the wheel. As he's pulling into traffic, he gives me a wave with his right hand! I'm always happy to get a courtesy wave, but rather than just give a little tip 'o the burger (so to speak), he opted to remove his hand from the steering wheel while in motion!

I love courtesy waves, but in terms of priorities, I'd rather at least one hand be on the wheel than get that little wave!


  1. I had to laugh--this sounds SO familiar to me! I'm glad you stayed safe enough to write this post. btw, I love courtesy waves :)

  2. Safety first for sure, but I am with you on the wave; It is mandatory if someone does you a traffic solid. Not giving the wave is the equivalent of walking through a door that someone is holding open for you and not saying "Thanks." It just shows that you have manners and are appreciative.